Why should i book h3 events?
  • We’re glad you asked! There are a number of reasons you should book with us. One of the main things that sets us apart is the overall experience you’ll receive from us. From the time you book us, we are in constant communication with you to best prepare for your booking. You can trust that we are well trained and experienced in this industry, which makes us well equipped to provide suggestions regarding our services at your event. On event day, we’ve been known to be considered “A VIBE”! We don’t just setup equipment and stand there. We’re actively involved, hyping up you and your guests, and putting smiles on everyones faces with our FUN and HIGH ENERGY interactions. Our professionalism, customer service, large booths, high quality images/videos etc is second to none, and we GUARANTEE you won’t regret booking with us. We are also fully insured and can provide a COI to your venue upon request. Take a look at our reviews here. We look forward to working with you!
is a deposit required?
  • No, we do not require deposits. We offer something even better! To book our services, you can either pay in full OR choose a monthly installment plan via our Affirm checkout, which offers installment plans up to 12 months!
What time will we arrive?
  • We typically arrive an hour and a half in advance of your booking start time. Under unique circumstances where multiple services are booked, or there is a specific time slot for setup, please communicate with us to determine the best time for us to arrive and begin our setup.
Is setup and breakdown included?
  • Yes, both setup and breakdown is included. Please reference the above answer in regards to setup. For breakdown, we’ll normally give a heads up to whoever booked us or a host approximately 15 mins before we start breaking down.
How much space is needed?
  • For 360 Booths, we recommend a 12×12 ft. space. For our Photo Booth, we recommend an 8×8 ft. space. While the space for Marquee Letters will vary based on which letters you book and how many total, just be aware that each letter is 3 ft. tall. Our audio guestbooks only need approximately a 2×2 ft. space.
Can I book extra time during the event?
  • Yes, you can absolutely book extra time during the event! Just head over to our Shop page and choose which service you’d like to book extra time for. Then, you’ll just proceed with the standard booking steps.
Is Wi-Fi necessary?
  • While Wi-Fi isn’t completely necessary for our operations, we do strongly recommend it. Our printer is the only thing that absolutely needs Wi-Fi to run properly. If your venue doesn’t have Wi-Fi available, we can use our hotspot as a second option. However, keep in mind that hotspots will never be as fast or strong as dedicated Wi-Fi, so we can’t guarantee proper printing if our hotspot has to be used.
Can the equipment be placed on any surface?
  • No, our equipment can not be placed anywhere. We require a flat and clean surface for all of our equipment to be placed on. Some common places we do not set our equipment on is grass, dirt, gravel, hills etc. Please ensure the area where you want us to setup is not an uneven surface. We require a flat and clean surface for all of our equipment.
What’s the refund policy?
  • We DO NOT offer refunds. The only time we will approve/process a refund is if we aren’t able to provide our services for reasons in our control, such as but not limited to, overbooking, inoperable booths/letters due to our faults etc. In the case that our equipment is inoperable due to our faults, we will first try our best to accommodate you with a similar piece of equipment. For things such as inaccurate booking information that was entered, poor weather conditions etc. we don’t offer refunds, but we will try our best to work with you to find a proper solution. We strongly recommend reviewing your booking information for accuracy before submitting.
how many pictures can we print?
  • We will automatically print two pictures per session. To clarify that, each time a user takes a picture on our photo booth, it will automatically print two pictures. Our print speeds are 12 seconds per print, so it’s safe to say your pictures will be printed almost immediately.